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Landscaping is a great way to improve the outside of your home. Barrett's can help you design an updated look for your current home or create a space for your newly built residence that will compliment the lot & the house. Our landscape designers can help you design an updated look for your current home or create a plan for your newly built residence that will compliment the lot and the house. Install it yourself or we can do it for you. Call 517.263.2660 for an appointment today with one of our designers.


Landscape Sketch:

  • For small areas (i.e. decks, entryways, additions)
  • Used as a guide in the purchase of shrubs and materials.
  • Done free hand, using information supplied by the customer (sketch done at store with customer.)

Custom Landscape Design:

  • Save the cost of a site visit by supplying us with pictures, dimensions, soil type, etc.
  • We can gather the above information for you through a site visit. If desired, this can include a brief consultation with the homeowner.

Estimate for Custom Installation:

  • General time & material assessment.
  • Includes a site visit for obtaining information.

Complete Installation Quote: (Includes all of the following)

  • Detailed Custom Landscape Plan
  • Personalized tour with designer through our nursery to familiarize you with the selected plants and materials.
  • Detailed proposal for customer to take home and review.
  • Landscape plan will remain at Barrett's until time of acceptance and purchase of services.
  • Landscape plan may be purchased without installation for a fee.
  • Requires a 50% design deposit.

Insurance Bids & Quotes:

  • Requires site visit for accurate estimates.
  • $75 within a 15 mile radius.
  • Sorry, insurance quotes cannot be done over the phone.

Quick Installation Estimate:

  • Bring in a photo of the area you wish to landscape. For no charge, Barrett's will provide a very general cost assessment for budgeting an installed landscape. (Approx. number & type of plant, edging, labor, etc.) Does not include a design.
  • A comprehensive estimate is based on doing an actual site visit, a design & a quote.


We will install shrubs, trees, and evergreens purchased from our store.

The cost varies with the quantity of plants to install. Please allow 5 to 7 days from purchase to installation. Prices listed below include Peat Moss.

  • Min. Planting Charge $40 per location
  • Potted Shrubs $15 each
  • Potted Trees $30-$100 each
  • Balled/Burlap Trees $50-$100 each

*Please note: Planting that requires assistance with placement or consultation will be billed at a $50.00 per hour labor rate.