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Landscaping Installation and Design Services and Fees Include...

Landscape Sketch

- For small areas (i.e. decks, entryways, additions)
- Used as a guide in the purchase of shrubs and materials.
- Done free hand, using information supplied by the customer (sketch done at store with customer.)

Custom Landscape Design

- Save the cost of a site visit by supplying us with pictures, dimensions, soil type, etc.
- We can gather the above information for you through a site visit. If desired, this can include a brief consultation with the homeowner.

Estimate for Custom Installation

- General time & material assessment.
- Includes a site visit for obtaining information.

Complete Installation Quote 

- Detailed Custom Landscape Plan
- Personalized tour with designer through our nursery to familiarize you with the selected plants and materials.
- Detailed proposal for customer to take home and review.
- Landscape plan will remain at Barrett's until time of acceptance and purchase of services.
- Landscape plan may be purchased without installation for a fee.
- Requires a 50% design deposit.

Insurance Bids & Quotes

- Requires site visit for accurate estimates
- $75 within a 15 mile radius
- Sorry, insurance quotes cannot be done over the phone.

Quick Installation Estimate

- Bring in a photo of the area you wish to landscape. For no charge, Barrett's will provide a very general cost assessment for budgeting an installed landscape. (Approx. number & type of plant, edging, labor, etc.) Does not include a design.
- A comprehensive estimate is based on doing an actual site visit, a design & a quote.


- We will install shrubs, trees, and evergreens purchased from our store.

- The cost varies with the quantity of plants to install. Please allow 5 to 7 days from purchase to installation. Prices listed below include Peat Moss.

Min. Planting Charge: $40 per location

- Potted Shrubs: $15 each
- Potted Trees: $30 - $100 each
- Balled/Burlap Trees: $50 - $100 each

*Please note: Planting that requires assistance with
placement, or consultation will be billed at a $50.00 per hour labor rate.