Morton® Clean and Protect Plus Rust Defense (40 Lbs)


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Helps prevent rust stains and extends appliance life.

Morton® Clean and Protect Plus Rust Defense removes 10 times more iron than plain salt* giving you better tasting water, fewer rust stains in your bathroom and kitchen, brighter laundry and longer-lasting appliances. 

Morton® Clean and Protect Plus Rust Defense is easy to lift, open and pour thanks to special bag features, including a sturdy plastic handle for more comfortable carrying and an easy-tear opening.

*Per regeneration cycle, based on internal laboratory testing.


  • Check the salt levels, keeping the tank at least 1/2 full
  • Fill your softener with two bags of salt every two months


  • 40 lb bags
  • Helps improve the taste of water and extend the life of appliances
  • Recommended by Whirlpool®, Morton®, Northstar® and Ecopure®