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Using A Lawn Spreader

Using A Lawn Spreader

Usually walking through your lawn spreading seed or fertilizer by hand is not a recommended activity. Using a spreader will make the job easier and spread out more evenly. Here is what to know when selecting whether to rent or own a spreader:

The biggest thing to know is that there are two types of spreaders called broadcast and drop spreaders. These are their major differences:

Broadcast spreaders
Broadcast spreaders are meant to place materials such fertilizer or seed over a large area. It works by shooting out the less dense materials in a larger, circular area. However, the broadcast spreader is not designed for dense materials such as mulch.

Drop spreaders
Just like its name suggests, drop spreaders leaves the material right where it falls. Drop spreaders will leave you walking a bit more but they are accurate in where they place the material. It can also handle dense materials such as mulch and compost.  

No matter which spreader you choose, you are sure to get the most efficient tool to use for spreading your chosen material.

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